Acceptance and compliance

1. Participating in our Golden Ticket Promotion implies full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2. You are only entitled to a prize if you have a Golden Ticket and comply with these Terms & Conditions in full.

3. The Promoter reserves the right at its sole discretion, to eliminate or disqualify any participants who do not comply with or act in breach of these terms and conditions.

Golden Ticket Promotion

4. The Golden Ticket Promotion: 80 Golden Tickets inside our Polaroid Festive Red Edition film pack online and in store.

5. Prizes:
  • First prize (5 Golden Tickets): a trip to Amsterdam and a visit to the Polaroid Factory in Enschede, the Netherlands, for the winner plus 1 individual.
  • Second prize (25 Golden Tickets): a Polaroid SX-70™ Camera White-Brown.
  • Third prize (50 Golden Tickets): 12 packs in total of Polaroid I-Type and/or 600 film in color and/or black and white.
Promotor and Participants

6. The Promotor: Impossible B.V., address Hoge Bothofstraat 45 7511ZA Enschede, the Netherlands (registration number: 08182413).

7. The Promotion is open to EEA (European Economic Area) residents over the age of 18 (at the time or purchase) who has purchased a Festive Red Edition film pack online or in store.

8. The Promotion excludes promotor’s employees and their immediate family members.

Entering the Promotion and collecting prize

9. To enter the Promotion, participants must:

  • between October 1st 2019 and February 29th 2020 purchase a pack of Polaroid Festive Red Edition instant film online or in shop;
  • open film pack;
  • open silver wrapping of the film cassette;
  • see if you are a winner of a Golden Ticket printed on the dark slide of the film pack;
  • the Golden Ticket printed will eject from the camera automatically when you load the film in the camera.

10. If you are a winner, the prize can only be collected before 31st March 2020 and you are required to:
  • scan the QR code on the Golden Ticket;
  • visit;
  • enter the unique winning code (to be found on the golden ticket); and
  • follow the further instructions of our customer service team on the website.

11. Only online entries via the website will be accepted.

12. Activation of the Golden Ticket is only possible in the period from 1st October 2019 until 31st March 2020. Unclaimed prizes, including tickets that were found after this date, will lapse after this period.

13. The unique winning code only qualifies for one entry into the promotion by an individual. Only the first entry will be validated irrespective whether you are the purchaser of the winning film pack. No duplicates, bulk entries or entries by agents or third parties will be accepted.

Specific terms first prize

14. The first prize includes for winner and one guest of the winner the following (to be organized by Promotor):
  • a round trip airfare (economy class) from an international airport at a reasonable distance of the place of residence of the winner to Amsterdam in the Netherlands;
  • a tour in Polaroid’s factory in Enschede in the Netherlands by the CEO;
  • a hotel stay in Amsterdam for 3 nights (Thursday night until Saturday);
  • transport to and from Schiphol Airport to hotel;
  • transport from hotel in Amsterdam to Enschede and back.

15. No other services (such as food, activities and transport from home to the airport of departure) are included.

16. The dates of the trip will be determined in April 2020 at the sole discretion of Promotor. The trip will take place in 2020. If a winner is unable to attend on the dates of the trip, the winner will lose his/her entitlement to the first price. Instead, the winner will be eligible to the second prize (a Polaroid SX-70 camera).

17. Winners will be responsible to (timely) have and/or collect all the required documentation for the visit to the Netherlands at their own costs, such as a visa. Winners are also responsible to ensure that they have a proper and accurate travel and medical insurance for the trip.

18. The winners are aware that pictures may be taken or that a film may be shot from them and the guests during the factory visit. They give permission to Promotor to use the pictures and film for publicity purposes, including but not limited for post on social media and for storytelling on the website of the Promotor, for a period of two years.

Specific terms of second and third prize

19. The second prize will be a Polaroid SX-70™ Camera White-Brown.

20. The third prize will be a total of 12 film packs. The winner may choose between Polaroid I-Type and/or 600 film in color and/or black and white.

21. The second and third prize will be shipped within 10 days after finalizing the order form by the participant upon instructions of our customer service team.

22. The second and third prize will be shipped DDP to the registered address of the winner at Promotor’s costs.

23. The delivery time will depend on the place of residence of the winner.

24. Prizes that are undelivered, unclaimed or returned to sender will be deemed unwanted and the prize will be forfeited. The prize will not be re-allocated.

Required information, background check and privacy policy

25. In order to be entitled to a prize, winners will be required to provide Promoter with contact details, including full name, age, phone number, address and email address. They may be required to submit proof of identification and proof of registered address.

26. In addition, winners may be required to submit the receipt of the product purchase and/or the Golden Ticket itself.

27. It is the responsibility of the winner to timely supply the correct information to claim and be entitled to the prize.

28. The Promoter reserves all rights to carry out any other background check as they consider necessary for the purposes of verifying the winner and prize claim and any prize may be withheld unless and until the Promoter is satisfied with the verification.

29. Any information collected in connection to this promotion will be treated in confidence and in accordance with applicable legislation and our privacy policy
( Your personal details will solely be processed for the purpose of the delivery of the prizes.

Other terms

30. The prizes are not transferable or substitutable and no cash alternatives will be provided.

31. If the stated prizes are no longer available due to circumstances outside of the Promoter’s control, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute for an alternative prize.

32. The Promoter will not be liable for the non-delivery of the prize caused by entries that are late or undelivered nor caused by the provision of wrong or incomplete information by the winner.

33. The Promoter does not make any warranty regarding the use or enjoyment of any prize (apart from the regular warranty of the camera (second prize) and film (third prize).

34. To the extent permissible by law, the Promoter shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered as a result of participation in the promotion or use of any prize.

35. Except where prohibited, winners will waive all rights and remedies at law or in equity for any claim they may have relating to this promotion.

36. Any taxes or promotional fees are due by the winner.

37. To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel or suspend this Promotion for any reason at any time without liability.

38. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Promoter, only the winners will be eligible to the prizes.

39. The Promoter will be the final arbiter in any decisions regarding the promotion, and these will be binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.

40. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Dutch law and all disputes in connection to the Promotion will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.