Translation missing: en. From our new Polaroid Now instant camera to the Polaroid Lab instant photo printer, there are plenty of colorful and personal ways to say ‘thank you’ for this day and the ones still to come

Translation missing: en.<b>PVH Corporation</b><br><br>We worked with PVH Corporation to give its Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger employees in Europe a unique Christmas gift, featuring the Polaroid Lab instant photo printer and film. It was handed out at the end-of-year party to celebrate another successful year

Translation missing: en.<b>Subaru</b><br><br>Subaru wanted to increase urgency for consumers to buy its new vehicle. We worked with Subaru to offer the first 25,000 purchasers a Polaroid OneStep 2 camera with film as part of its travel bag

Translation missing: en.<b>Calvin Klein</b><br><br>Calvin Klein wanted to encourage conversion of its new fragrance CK1 through offering a unique gift with purchase. We supplied Calvin Klein with Polaroid OneStep+ cameras complete with a co-branded box to entice fragrance purchasers. It was a great result for Calvin Klein and for their consumer base

Translation missing: en.Brands we’ve worked with