You’ve got your bag packed and it’s somehow under that airline luggage limit (!). Now let’s turn your attention to all those packs of instant film. Polaroid film is sensitive stuff, and it needs a lot of care to keep all that color and contrast. Here’s how to keep your film in great shape for the airport journey ahead.

Translation missing: en.In some airports, new X-ray machines have been installed that use a higher dose of radiation. More radiation = less saturation

Translation missing: en.Radiation zaps all the saturation from your undeveloped instant film. The result? Washed-out, foggy photos, that have a pinkish hue.<p></br></p>

Translation missing: en.Every airport has different security measures and X-ray machines, so it’s best to play it safe. We recommend reaching out to their customer service team to get the lowdown on how to take instant film through security. If in doubt, keep your camera and undeveloped film in your carry-on bag, and ask for a hand check with the attendant instead to avoid the X-ray machine

Taken some photos? Don’t sweat it. Exposed film is totally fine through an X-ray, so you can pop it in either carry-on or checked luggage when you travel.

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